PTA Meetings.

Main Objectives

* To foster and promote good understanding and co-operation between members of the teaching staff, students and guardians of the students of the college.

* To inculcate in the members a keen interest in the working and progress of the college.

* To plan and execute such measures as will enable members to taken an active and useful part in the development, improvement and welfare of the college.

* To induce all guardians of the students of the college to effectively and actively co-operate with the college authorities in maintaining good disciplines and high standards among the students.

* To define suitable ways and means with a view to prevent students unrest and to assist and co-operate with the College authorities in running the college smoothly during times of stress if any.

* To take suitable action regarding ,and make representations to the government and other concerned authorities on matters relating to addition of accommodation introduction of new courses, improvement of hostel facilities and such other matters concerning the general progress of the college..

* To institute scholarships, prizes etc. to encourage students in matters of studies and other healthy activities consistent with the rules of the college.

* To plan and execute any items of work that will be beneficial of advantageous to the students and/or college.

* To convene meetings and conventions of students guardians and teachers.

Election procedure

PTA executives are selected according to the KUHS guidelines.

Executive Committee Members Selected From Parents

President - Mr. Vijayan N M.

Vice President - Mr. O. Mazood.

Secretary - Mrs. Anuja Patel J.

Joint Secretary - Mrs. Anisha . M L.

Members - Mr.Stephen Pereira.

Mr. T S .Mohanan.

Mrs. Rosamma Augustine.

PTA Meetings

PTA meetings are conducted for 2-3 times each year for every batch students.

Students’ academic achievements and progress are discussed with parents.

Parents can discuss the problems and necessary measures are taken to rectify it after proper planning.